AXXIS 23 23


AXXIS™ 23/23

The revolution is here


Fully-integrated gaming machine lighting and crisp high-resolution graphics draw players in. An extensive library of high-performing game titles keeps them engaged. Ergonomic designs keep them comfortable. It’s all part of a revolution to make you successful.


Born from the huge success of the AXXIS™ 3D Gaming Machine, the AXXIS™ 23/23 Gaming Machine incorporates the latest electronics, ease of serviceability, and unmatched reliability to bring the perfect balance of form and function to the for-sale space.




  • Provides an enhanced yet familiar player experience with improved game play mechanics, monitor resolution, lighting and sound that keeps players engaged
  • Modern gaming machine design with ergonomic comfort features and conveniences will attract players and increase time on device
  • Superior serviceability and reliability will reduce strain on staff resources, increasing ROI





Player Experience


Simplified mechanical player panel

  • Proven layout with a simplified nine-button panel for easy handling
  • Bash buttons: Physical, dual (left & right) “Repeat Bet” buttons
  • Configurable for “Gamble” and “Auto Play” where these features are available

Optional Dynamic Player Panel (DPP) with dual Bash Buttons

  • Physical dual (left & right) “Repeat Bet” buttons

Improved monitor resolution

  • Full HD LCD: 1920 x 1080 resolution

Gaming machine lighting

  • Full color frame lighting with unique top light feature
  • SyncSation™ Technology compatible: Banked lighting with no additional hardware for basic functionality


  • Optional 21.5” graphic plex or video topper
  • 360° viewable, game-synchronized, full-surround lighting for increased floor presence and recognition


Modern Gaming Machine Design


  • Wider gaming machine stance and extended deck for more personal space

Built-in external USB charging port

  • Players can charge their phones or other USB-powered devices at the machine for extended, uninterrupted play sessions


Serviceability & Reliability

Improved access to commonly serviced components

  • Main door access to bill validator head and printer
  • Dedicated drop door

Easy access to locks and reset switches

  • All locks and reset keys are located on the front of the machine

Additional front serial tag for easy viewing on wider gaming machineming machine

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