A New World of Experiences. By Design.

WMS is again at the forefront of gaming equipment innovation with the BLUEBIRD xD gaming cabinet.BLUEBIRD xD is a category-creating, state-of-the-art cabinet that blends physical and sensory elements with function.

The stunning sound quality of the BOSE® sound system calibrates to how the human ear perceives sound by adjusting tonal balance whenever the game volume changes. This delivers crisp, clear audio detail and nuance regardless of game volume.

The player experience is equally maximized on a visual level with an ergonomic screen positioned to enhance viewing. Meanwhile, player intimacy and ease of play is elevated with intuitively located player interfaces and optimal seating positions that offer generous leg clearance and an integrated footrest.

The “xD” in the cabinet’s name denotes its focus on Experience Design. Through a blended choreography of emotive lighting, audio, and visual cues, players are immersed in a gaming experience never before seen on casino floors, creating new categories of bonusing, enhanced win celebrations, and much more.

BLUEBIRD xD is available in Video and Mechanical Transmissive Reels® versions that provide the comfort and sightlines of a slant top box with the convenience and footprint of an upright slot.




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