With the release of Bluebird2e, we are equipping casinos to take full advantage of the best of gaming today, while being prepared for the emerging innovations of tomorrow. This includes our Wide Area Game Enhanced Network™ (WAGE-NET®), which empowers operators with multiple ways to dynamically change the player’s experience on the casino floor.

The BLUEBIRD®2e cabinet is loaded with features that make it one of the industry’s most innovative cabinets — from quality and ergonomics to usability and supportability.

• Powerful CPU-NXT®2 technology platform

• Dynamic and fully programmable button panel

• Top screen 22” widescreen high definition display

• Completely digital platform

• Allows for all aspects of server-based gaming

• Slim 21 1/2” profile

• Designed for industry standard 18” high stand

• Long life CCFL lighting

• Illuminated printer and bill acceptor bezels

• Quick release laminate panels

• Superb speed and ease of serviceability

• Transmissive LCD in bottom screen

• Reel mechanisms inside

• Emotive lighting enhances game play and player experience