Elegance Meets Performance

The next-generation upright BLADE cabinet from WMS seamlessly integrates cutting-edge cabinet design, an amazingly fast CPU-NXT®3 processor and superior content to deliver a game-changing player experience.

The Inside Story on BLADE


BLADE supports an entire suite of customized premium games and play mechanics that are tailored to the cabinet’s tighter, more connected set of high-resolution displays. Powering this game library is the capable, newCPU-NXT3 processor, which facilitates game-changing experiences with unparalleled excitement and stunning detail.

  • Seamless 23″ displays with minimal space between high-definition wide screen LCDs (1920×1080; 16:9)
  • Emotive lighting – next generation “Halo” concept that combines direct and indirect illumination
  • Exclusive, premium theme game content
  • Integrated premium digital sound system with enhanced clarity
  • CPU-NXT3 Processor
  • New interior machine layout for improved ease of access
  • Supports current peripherals and common player tracking systems
  • Modular design approach allows for future modifications and upgrades
  • Refined, streamlined programmable button panel
  • Fresh aesthetics and enhanced comfort to cut through visual noise and keep players engaged
  • Integrated purse hook and mini-storage nook